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Mike Graham
Born London, UK
Occupation Journalist, Radio Presenter
Known for The Two Mikes, talkSPORT, Editor Scottish Daily Mirror


The Two Mikes

Archibald Michael Graham (born 1960, Hampstead, London) is a British journalist. He is best known for his work as a presenter on national commercial speech radio station Talksport. Previously he was Editor of the Scottish Daily Mirror[1][2] and Programme Director and mid-morning presenter of the Independent Republic of Mike Graham on Talk 107, the Edinburgh sister station of Talksport.[3]

Early life[edit]

He was born in London to Scottish parents Archibald and Mairi Graham.[4]



Before his radio career Mike Graham was a Fleet Street journalist for the best part of twenty-five years,[5] he was editor of the Scottish Daily Mirror, and assistant editor of the Daily Express[2] he covered the Bosnian War in 1992 as a reporter for the Daily Express [iTunes (27 May 2016). "The Two Mikes". iTunes (Podcast). talkSPORT. Retrieved 27 May 2016. ] Graham was based in New York City from 1984–92, where he ran his own news agency supplying news, features and pictures to media all over the world.[citation needed]


Mike Graham joined UTV's former Scottish radio station Talk 107 in February 2006[2][6] anchoring the mid-morning slot 10am to 1pm with 'The Independent Republic of Mike Graham', in November 2006 he was also appointed the station's programme director.[7][8] In 2008 his contract was not renewed at Talk 107 and he started broadcasting on UTV's national talkSPORT radio station[3] in the 1.00am to 6,00am slot on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. In April 2010 he presented the 10pm-1am slot every Friday and Saturday night, replacing George Galloway as well as continuing to present the Monday 1-6am slot. In July 2010 he moved from weekends to weekdays presenting alongside Mike Parry as 'Parry and Graham' between 10am-1pm.[9]

Graham's future with Talksport seemed uncertain after his co-host Mike Parry resigned from talkSPORT as a result of a contractual dispute,[10] in March 2011 he took over talkSPORT's midweek 1.00am to 6.00am, 'Extra Time'. In October 2013 Mike Parry returned to broadcast alongside Mike Graham debating "a host of issues"[11] as a segment of 'Extra Time' known as 'The Two Mikes' which evolved into a regular three hour slot headlined as 'The Two Mikes' between 1.00am and 4.00am.[12]


In 2015 Graham and Parry launched their Two Mikes 'World Tour' at venues throughout Britain.[13][13][14][15][16] In 2015 'The Two Mikes' were named as "Alternative Men of the Year" by the Daily Telegraph.[17]


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