Mike Hanopol

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Mike Hanopol
Also known as Mike Hanopol
Born Leyte, Philippines
Genres Pinoy rock
Occupation(s) Musician, songwriter, Rabbi
Instruments Vocals, guitar, bass
Years active 1960s–present
Associated acts Juan de la Cruz Band

Mike Hanopol is a Filipino rock [1][2] singer, guitarist, and recording artist.[3] He was a former bass guitarist for the Juan de la Cruz Band. He is a pioneer of rock music in the Philippines active in the 1970s,[1] along with Pepe Smith and Wally Gonzales.[1] During his career as a musician, Hanopol produced twenty albums, three of which became Gold prize awardees while another three received the Aliw Awards.[3] Hanopol's trademark is the beret, leather clothing, and his Steinberger guitar. He was the mentor and songwriter for the famous band known as Hagibis.[3]

Early life[edit]

Hanopol was born in Leyte. The most influential person in Hanopol's life as a musician was his maternal grandmother Nanay Inday, who during Hanopol's childhood put him to sleep by playing the guitar.[1] Hanopol started his career as a guitarist at the age of nine[1] during the late 1960s.[4][5] At 14 years of age, Hanopol was already earning money as a musician. He became a bandleader as a seminarian.[1] In 1967, after graduating from high school, Hanopol joined his band to play music in Vietnam,[6] one semester away from graduating from college.[1] Hanopol's decision was against the wishes of his father, resulting in their being not on speaking terms for a period of nine years.[6]

Musical influences[edit]

Despite being a rock-and-roll figure, Hanopol's experience in the seminary influenced him to compose song lyrics based on Bible passages. Examples are the first two stanzas for Hanopol's song "Balong Malalim" ("Deep Well") which were based on the Book of John, and the "Laki sa Layaw" song that conveys the biblical message of avoiding arrogance. "Laki sa Layaw", also known as "Laki sa Layaw Jeproks", is Hanopol's trademark and favorite song. Some of the songs in Hanopol's latest album Lagablab, under Warner Music Philippines, were based on the Book of Psalms (Psalm 75: 3–16 and Psalm 37: 1–6) and the Ten Commandments. Hanopol's Lagablab is a "10-track guitar album" that features "inspiring and original compositions" aimed at imparting life's lessons to the younger generation of Filipinos. Lagablab is an assortment of jazz, rock, hip-hop, fusion, and ballad music. The rap song in the album was performed with Filipino rapper Francis Magalona.[2]

Life in the U.S.[edit]

Hanopol left the Philippines in 1982 to live in the North Miami beach area of South Florida, United States. His album Pilyong Bata was produced in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Hanopol relocated to New York City in 1983. After playing music with Filipino and American bands in New York, Hanopol went back to the North Miami beach area in 1987. He returned to the Philippines in 1993.

Present status[edit]

A legendary rock artist recognized in Asia and the Western world, Hanopol is a "frequent show-opener" for concerts such as Asian performances by Western rock artists Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. Hanopol was the founder of the Asian pop band known as Tribu Kemistri, a group of musicians which play rock, ethnic rhythms, and new age music.[4][5] On June 11, 2005, Hanopol and the Juan de la Cruz Band held a reunion concert at the World Trade Center in Pasay City.[1]

Personal life[edit]

Hanopol married Herminia in 1973 and they have a daughter named Michelle, nicknamed "Yummy".[3]



  • "Katawan"
  • "No Touch"
  • "Laki sa Layaw Jeproks"
  • "Buhay Musikero"
  • "Awiting Pilipino"
  • "Tulungan Natin"
  • "Tribu Kemistri"
  • "Mr. Kenkoy"
  • "Balong Malalim"
  • "Titsers Enemi No.1"
  • "Lagot Ka Isusumbong Kita"
  • "Peace Naman"
  • "Sa Aking Pag-uwi"
  • "Ang Magulang Mo"
  • "Hawakan Mong Mabuti"
  • "Hindi Ka Magsisisi"
  • "Talamak"
  • "Buhay Musikero"
  • "Buhay Amerika"
  • "Anong Ganda"

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