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Mike Hayley is a comedian, impressionist, actor and writer. He starred alongside Shane Richie in the BBC's sketch shows, Something for the Weekend (1989) and Up to Something (1990).

He and Alan Francis wrote the play Jeffrey Dahmer is Unwell, taking it to the Edinburgh Festival in 1995. He also co-presented the Emotional Collection at the Gilded Balloon with Rhona Cameron at the Edinburgh Festival before this.

He provided the voice of Colonel White in the CGI remake of Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet and has had minor roles in several big budget films, including the 2000 film 102 Dalmatians, directed by Kevin Lima as well as small budget films like 'The End of the World' where he plays a man who causes the apocalypse. He has written material for Jasper Carrot.

He was a music teacher before his career in showbusiness, and has since worked with one of his former pupils, the Dio guitar virtuoso Rowan Robertson, playing a character role in an instructional lead and solo guitar video called "Master Sessions with Rowan Robertson". Hayley plays "Roy Blows", an American silent-film comic who has travelled forward in time so he can learn how to play the electric guitar.

Hayley is one of the regular performers at Jongleurs, a stand up comedy club in London.