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Michael Jones (born 1944)[1] is a Canadian film director and screenwriter. He began making films while teaching in St. John’s. He left teaching to train with the National Film Board of Canada’s Atlantic Studio in 1974, and was a founding member of the Newfoundland Independent Filmmaker’s Co-op in 1975. His credits include the films The Adventure of Faustus Bidgood, Secret Nation and Congratulations.[2] He garnered two Genie Award nominations at the 8th Genie Awards for Faustus Bidgood, including Best Original Screenplay and Best Editing.[3]

He is the brother of comedic actors Andy Jones and Cathy Jones.[1][4] He has also had minor acting roles in all of his films, including as a French teacher in Faustus Bidgood[2] and as the voice of Leo Cryptus in Secret Nation.[5] He was not a performing member of CODCO, the comedy troupe with which Andy and Cathy Jones were associated, but was a frequent director of their stage show and television series.[6]


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