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The Mike Kelley Memorial Trophy is awarded annually to the Most Valuable Player in Mann Cup competition. [1]

The trophy is named after Michael Edward Francis "Mike" Kelley who was the owner and manager of the Hamilton Tigers lacrosse club in the early 1930s - and later the president of the Ontario Lacrosse Association and Canadian Lacrosse Association.

For some unknown reason, Kelley's name was misspelled and perpetuated as "Kelly" until the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame was notified in 2014 of the error by the grandson of Mike Kelley. The Canadian Lacrosse Association and Canadian Lacrosse Foundation were notified during the 2015 Mann Cup series and corrections to the spelling would be made moving forward.

The Mann Cup is the senior men's lacrosse championship of Canada. The championship series is played between the Western Lacrosse Association champion and the Major Series Lacrosse champion.[2]

Year Player Team
1941 Blackie Black Richmond Farmers
1942 Bert Large Mimico-Brampton Combines
1943 Bill Wilkes New Westminster Salmonbellies
1944 Ike Hildebrand New Westminster Salmonbellies
1945 Frank Lee Vancouver Burrards
1946 Doug Favell St.Catharines Athletics
1947 Bob Lee New Westminster Adanacs
1948 Doug Favell Hamilton Tigers
1949 Don Matheson Vancouver Burrards
1950 Lloyd "Moon" Wootton Owen Sound Crescents
1951 Lloyd "Moon" Wootton Peterborough Timbermen
1952 Lou Nickle Peterborough Timbermen
1953 Ross Powless Peterborough Trailermen
1954 Lloyd "Moon" Wootton Peterborough Trailermen
1955 Geordie Johnson Victoria Shamrocks
1956 Derry Davies Nanaimo Timbermen
1957 Jack Northup Victoria Shamrocks
1958 Norm Mckay New Westminster Salmonbellies
1959 Jack Bionda New Westminster O'Keefes
1960 Dave "Porky" Russell Port Credit Sailors
1961 Bill Barbour Vancouver Burrards
1962 Jack Bionda New Westminster O'Keefes
1963 Gordie Gimple Vancouver Carlings
1964 Bob Allan Brooklin Merchants
1965 Les Norman New Westminster Salmonbellies
1966 John Davis Peterborough Lakers
1967 John Davis Brooklin Redmen
  John Cervi Vancouver Carlings
1968 Joe Tomchishen Brooklin Redmen [3]
1969 Bill Squire Brooklin Redmen
1970 Paul Parnell New Westminster Salmonbellies
1971 Bob McCready Brantford Warriors
1972 Paul Parnell New Westminster Salmonbellies
1973 Pat Baker Peterborough Lakers
1974 Ken Winzoski New Westminster Salmonbellies
1975 Ron Pinder Vancouver Burrards
1976 Dave Durante New Westminster Salmonbellies
1977 Doug Hayes Vancouver Burrards
  Mike Smith Vancouver Burrards
1978 Tim Barrie Peterborough Red Oaks
1979 Ivan Thompson Victoria Shamrocks
1980 Barry Maruk Brampton Excelsiors
1981 Wayne Goss New Westminster Salmonbellies
1982 Jim Wasson Peterborough Lakers
1983 John Crowther Victoria Pay Less
1984 John Grant Sr. Peterborough Lakers
1985 Wayne Colley Brooklin Redmen
1986 Geordie Dean New Westminster Salmonbellies
1987 Jim Meredith Brooklin Redmen
  Eric Cowieson New Westminster Salmonbellies
1988 Bill Thomas Coquitlam Adanacs
1989 Ben Hieltjes New Westminster Salmonbellies
1990 Paul Gait Brooklin Redmen
1991 Geordie Dean New Westminster Salmonbellies
1992 John Tavares Brampton Excelsiors
1993 John Tavares Brampton Excelsiors
1994 Darris Kilgour Six Nations Chiefs
1995 Paul Gait Six Nations Chiefs
1996 John Tavares Six Nations Chiefs
1997 Gary Gait Victoria Shamrocks
1998 Pat O'Toole Brampton Excelsiors
1999 Gary Gait Victoria Shamrocks
  Paul Gait Victoria Shamrocks
2000 Nick Trudeau Brooklin Redmen
2001 Andy Ogilvie Coquitlam Adanacs
2002 Josh Sanderson Brampton Excelsiors
2003 Andrew Turner Victoria Shamrocks
2004 John Grant Jr. Peterborough Lakers
2005 Anthony Cosmo Victoria Shamrocks
2006 Dan Carey Peterborough Lakers
2007 John Grant Jr. Peterborough Lakers
2008 Anthony Cosmo Brampton Excelsiors
2009 Shawn Williams Brampton Excelsiors
2010 Shawn Evans Peterborough Lakers
2011 Anthony Cosmo Brampton Excelsiors
2012 Mike Thompson Peterborough Lakers
2013 Cody Jamieson Six Nations Chiefs
2014 Brandon Miller Six Nations Chiefs
2015 Corey Small Victoria Shamrocks
2016 Dan Dawson Six Nation Chiefs
2017 Shawn Evans Peterborough Lakers

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