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Mike Knapp, better known as Snap or Snapper, is a musician from Hamilton, New Zealand. Snap started playing guitar, drums, and singing at an early age, around 1970, with his family in a group called 'The Doves' featuring multiple harmony vocals. in 1974 Snap created a rock band called 'Butterburr' with his sister Mary Knapp (lead vocals) and friend Mark on guitar and vocals. Knapp went on to create a hard rock group 'Hellzappopin' and a softer rock group 'Airwaves' (1976) still with Mark, Mary and newcomers Roo (second guitar)and Phil Hall (philthy). Joined by a keyboard player Jenny Hunt (Fender Rhodes) the band matured into a full-time entertainment unit. Snap then joined several bands, including Spats and The Tigers (1979) performing, recording, and publicity.

Mike Knapp and The Doves 1976
Mike Knapp and The Doves 1976

After moving to Australia in 1981, Snap formed The Dropbears with Phil Hall and another expatriate Kiwi, Johnny Batchelor. The Dropbears played for several years based in Sydney, with tours and concerts across Australia. Snap went on to drum for Dave Dobbyn and the Stone People band, with tours in both Australia and New Zealand, The Warratahs mostly performing in New Zealand. Snap also performed with many different bands made up of both Kiwi and Australian musicians, playing a wide range of musical genre, from punk to glitter / glam, to rock and pop. One of the last performances at the famous Gluepot before it closed down, had Snap doing lightshow for Dave Dobbyn, and then being the guest performer. Mike Knapp is one of the most versatile and experienced musicians in New Zealand.

Mike Knapp - Napier 1976
Mike Knapp 1976

Sydney Opera Company[edit]

Snap also worked at Canon Australia and with The Sydney Opera Company worldwide performances.

Mike Knapp 1- Adelaide
Mike Knapp Television

The Doves[edit]




  • Snap drums/vocals, Mary Knapp vocals, Mark guitar/vocals, Phil Hall bass.

Stoney Creek[edit]

  • Snap, Mary, Mark, zmike. all vocals (a cappella)


The Tigers[edit]


  • Johnny Batchelor vocals/guitar, Snap drums, Phil Hall bass.

Dave Dobbyn and the Stone People[edit]

  • Dave Dobbyn vocals/guitar, Snap drums, Ian Belton bass, Mark guitar, Tim keyboards.

The Warratahs[edit]

  • Barry Saunders vocals/guitar, Snap drums, Wayne Mason vocals/keyboards, Clint bass.
Mike Knapp Airwaves 1977
Mike Knapp Airwaves 1977


  • Dave Dobbyn interview, Rotorua 1989


  • Dropbears interview, Adelaide July 1985


Mike Knapp - Dropbears 1987
Mike Knapp - Dropbears 1987


  • Tigers - Heart Don’t Stop EMI pic sleeve EX
  • Tigers - Red Dress EMI EX recordsrecords
  • The Warratahs -


  • The Warratahs -

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