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Mike Le Han
Mike Lehan.jpg
Le Han on set 2009.
Born Mike Le Han
Occupation Film director, Screenwriter, Visual Effects Artist
Years active 1997 – present

Mike Le Han is a multi award-winning, two time Royal Television Society nominated writer/director and Creative Director with a background in post production and visual effects who resides in Los Angeles, California.


Le Han has directed many OB, drama and docudrama productions between 1997 and 2009. His work was nominated for two RTS Awards in 2009 when he directed The Great Train Robbery and Crimes That Shook Britain for Manchester-based production company Title Role. Le Han has also directed several high-profile commercials for varying car manufactures.

In 2010 Le Han co-wrote with wife Helen Le Han Mrs Peppercorn's Magical Reading Room[1][2][3][4][5] and completed filming in May of the same year. The trailer for the film won Best Trailer for an un-produced movie at the International Movie Trailer Festival in Los Angeles. The finished short with crime-novelist Martina Cole functioning as executive producer premiered March 2011 to an invite-only audience at BAFTA in London[6][7] and is being reworked into a feature.[8]

In January 2011, Le Han was featured as a director to watch in MovieScope Magazine[9] and the in the April edition of Variety[10] in the UK and USA.

In August 2011 Mrs Peppercorn's Magical Reading Room won Best Short Film by unanimous vote at the prestigious HollyShorts Film Festival[11][12] in Los Angeles. In the same month at the request of Disney Animation Studios, he screened the film to executives and creatives at their Burbank facilities. In December 2011 it won Best Short Fiction Film at the Olypmia International Film Festival in Greece.

On Halloween Le Han released online a trailer to accompany a pitch to reboot the Hellraiser franchise. The video went viral.


Year Festival Title Award Result
2009 Royal Television Society The Great Train Robbery RTS Nominated
2009 Royal Television Society Crimes That Shook Britain RTS Nominated
2010 International Movie Trailer Festival Trailer for Mrs Peppercorn Best trailer for an un-produced movie Winner
2011 HollyShorts Film Festival Mrs Peppercorn's Magical Reading Room Best short film Winner
2011 Olympia International Film Festival – Greece Mrs Peppercorn's Magical Reading Room Best Short Fiction Film – Children's Jury Award Winner


Director Credits

Year Title Details Broadcast
1997 Life – Short Film Completed Film Festivals
1999 Depart – Short Film Completed Film Festivals
2000 Walkabout Completed Film Festivals
2000 York Completed ITV
2002 Beyond the Blade Completed ITV
2003 Cook's Last Voyage Completed ITV
2003 Beyond The Moors Murders Completed ITV
2004 Hawk Speed Completed ITV4
2007 Fast Bikes Magazine DVD Completed DVD
2007 Black Pre-production TBC
2008 Shipman Completed The History Channel
2008 Stephanie Slater Completed The History Channel
2008 The Russell Murders Completed The History Channel
2008 Beverley Allitt Completed The History Channel
2008 Sarah Payne Completed The History Channel
2009 The Great Train Robbery Completed The History Channel
2009 The Brinks Mat Heist Completed The History Channel
2009 Security Express Heist Completed The History Channel
2009 Millennium Dome Diamond Heist Completed The History Channel
2009 Tunbridge Securitas Heist Completed The History Channel
2010 Britain's Biggest Heists Completed Crime & Investigation Network
2011 Mrs Peppercorn's Magical Reading Room Completed Worldwide film festivals
2013 Hellraiser: Origins Completed Pitch to reboot the franchise
2015 Adore Me Commercial

Second Unit Director

Year Title Details Broadcast
2008 Martina Cole's 'Lady Killers' Completed ITV 3

Producer Credits

Year Title
2000 York
2001 Expedition Global Eagle
2002 Beyond The Blade
2003 Cook's Last Voyage
2003 Beyond The Moors Murders
2004 Hawk Speed

Writer Credits

Year Title Type
1997 Life Short Film
1999 Depart Short Film
2000 Walkabout Short Film
2000 York TV
2002 Beyond the Blade TV
2003 Cook's Last Voyage TV
2003 Beyond The Moors Murders TV
2004 Hawk Speed TV
2004 VIMM City TV
2005 Case of the Green Wallpaper TV
2006 Sapien Short Film
2007 Black Short Film
2007 Best Day's Short Film
2008 Black Shallow Creek Short Film
2011 Mrs Peppercorn's Magical Reading Room Short Film
2012 The Peppercorn Chronicles Feature Trilogy
2013 The Surge Feature Film
2014 ARK Feature Film
2014 TITAN Feature Film


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