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Michael Leonard (born November 30, 1947) is a retired American television journalist who formerly worked for The Today Show on NBC. Leonard was a feature correspondent for the Today Show for 31 years and is known for his stories on everyday life and the unique creative way he presents his work.

Leonard is also part of a family video production company, Picture Show Films. The company uses digital video exclusively and edits its projects on PowerBooks. Picture Show has produced critically acclaimed television shows; features for PBS, ESPN, and other news outlets; and videos for fund-raising, corporate training, and other projects. Picture Show is also credited for producing The Brendan Leonard Show, hosted by his son Brendan Leonard.

In 1989, Leonard had the honor of having a G.I. Joe figure sculpted after his likeness by Hasbro. They named their character, Scoop, whose given name was "Leonard Michaels," in honor of the real newsman. Scoop was also in the communications field, just like his inspiration. (1)

In 2006, Leonard published The Ride of Our Lives: Roadside Lessons of an American Family, about a month-long road trip he took with his parents and grown children in an RV. He also produced a television series chronicling the same trip. Leonard has four grown children, Matt, Megan, Kerry, and Brendan, and eight grandchildren, and currently resides in Winnetka, Illinois, with his wife, Cathy.

Mike and his family have built a Wiffle Ball stadium in their front yard, Picture Show Park at the PineYards.


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