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Mike Loades is a British weapons and general historian.[1][2][3][4] He is also an author, presenter, action arranger and director.


Loades has appeared as a primary presenter or supporting expert in many documentaries covering historical weapons. Behind the scenes, he has worked as an action arranger in over 100 screen productions.[citation needed] As a television presenter/host he is best known for the BBC series' Time Commanders, Weapons That Made Britain for Channel 4 and Weapon Masters for Discovery Networks.[5] He wrote and presented the two-hour special Going Medieval for H2 channel in 2012.

On-screen, Loades is well known for demonstrating military history from all periods in a hands-on style. He is an acknowledged expert horseman, charioteer, archer, horse archer, jouster, swordsman and black powder shooter.[citation needed]

Loades provided commentary about the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest in a short documentary for the videogame Total War: Rome 2. While referring to Assassin's Creed, he said that despite his age, he was "blown away" by the work that was put in by the videogame industry to make their work more historically authentic.[2][3]


Loades has also directed several television drama/documentary specials, including:

  • USS Constellation - Battling For Freedom, Indigo Films for History Channel 2007
  • The Hunt For Lincoln's Assassin, Indigo Films for National Geographic channel 2006
  • The Plot to Kill Jesse James, Indigo Films for History Channel 2006
  • The Plot to Kill Reagan, Indigo Films for History Channel 2005
  • Archery - Its History and Forms, Running Wolf Productions 1995 (video)
  • Blow by Blow Guide to Swordfighting, Running Wolf Productions 1991 (video)



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