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Mike Matas
Mike Matas, Yosemite July 2007
Born (1986-03-23) March 23, 1986 (age 31)
Seattle, Washington, United States
Residence San Francisco
Occupation User interface designer
Spouse(s) Sharon Matas (m. 2015)[citation needed]

Michael "Mike" Matas (born in Seattle, Washington, March 23, 1986) is a user interface designer and icon artist. He has previously worked at The Omni Group doing interface and graphic design work. Matas co-founded Delicious Monster in 2004 together with Wil Shipley. He later worked at Apple, Inc. and designed some of the major user interfaces in Mac OS X, iOS for iPhone and iPads.[1][2] In addition, he has been listed as the co-inventor on patents Apple has filed.[3] He later left Apple.[4]

After Apple Matas worked on the team that designed the Nest Learning Thermostat.[5] He then founded Push Pop Press, a digital publishing company that created Al Gore's interactive book Our Choice.[6][7]

Currently Matas works at Facebook where he was integral to the design of Paper, Facebook's alternative iOS application and Facebook Instant Articles.

Matas presented at TED in 2011 on his work at Push Pop for Al Gore's interactive book Our Choice[8][9]

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