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Mike McCoy
Position: Executive
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College: Oklahoma
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Mike McCoy is an oil and gas businessman. He was a minority owner and vice-president of the NFL's Dallas Cowboys, where he was credited for inventing the trade-value draft chart.

Pre-Football Career[edit]

McCoy attended the University of Oklahoma and obtained a degree in Petroleum Engineering. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and him, started working in the oil and gas industry in 1981, when they founded Arkoma Production Company, which they later sold to Arkla Inc.[1]

Football Executive[edit]

In 1989 when Jones bought the Dallas Cowboys franchise, McCoy became a minority owner with a 5% stake in the team. In 1990, he was named team Vice-President.[2]

In 1991 Jones and head coach Jimmy Johnson wanted to come up with a system to help them evaluate NFL draft trades quickly. McCoy invented a trade-value draft chart that assigned values to each draft pick and a numeric total for each deal. With the success of the Cowboys in the Nineties, the trade-value draft chart gained prominence in the NFL and now every team employs a version of it.[3]

In 1996, he left the Cowboys to return to the oil and gas industry.


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