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Mike McMahon
Known forEINE, Symbolics

Mike McMahon was a programmer at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory during the 1970s who worked with Richard Stallman on Emacs. He also wrote EINE, the first implementation of Emacs for Lisp machines with Daniel Weinreb. EINE stands for "EINE Is Not Emacs". EINE later became ZWEI (meaning, "ZWEI Was EINE, Initially").[1]

He is one of the founders of Symbolics Inc., a company developing and selling Lisp Machines in the 1980s and 1990s.[2][3][4]

Mike McMahon co-developed the New Error System from Symbolics, which was the main inspiration for the Common Lisp Condition System.[5]

Mike McMahon designed and implemented the New Window System for the MIT Lisp Machine in 1980 together with Howard Cannon. The window system was implemented using the Flavors object-oriented extension to Lisp Machine Lisp.[6]


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