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Mike Neil is an American software engineer. Promoted to Corporate Vice President of the Enterprise Cloud group in the Windows Server division at Microsoft in July of 2015, Neil joined Microsoft as part of the company’s February 2003 acquisition of Connectix Corporation. While at Connectix, Neil was the Vice President of Engineering and worked on the original team that developed Virtual PC for Mac, allowing Apple Macintosh computers to run Microsoft Windows. Neil was also one of the founders of Pixo Inc., a small company that developed operating systems and applications for handheld devices, the most notable of which is the Apple iPod, while the most infamous is the Scout Electromedia modo. With Apple software designers Dave Lyons, Andy Nicholas and Jim Murphy, Neil co-developed the first version of Apple IIGS Gus Apple IIGS#Gus[1], a software emulator. He secured his first job, in Apple's Developer Technical Support group, after winning MacHack in 1992 with IRMan: [2]. Prior to beginning his career, Neil attended the University of Michigan. Mike is now living in the Seattle area and is an avid wakesurfer and wakeboarder, and a member of the Northwest Wakesurf Association. He currently works for Microsoft, Enterprise Cloud Group.

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