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Michael "Mike" Nelson RA (born 20 August 1967) is a contemporary British installation artist. He represented Britain at the Venice Biennale in 2011.[1] Nelson has twice been nominated for the Turner Prize: first in 2001 (that year the prize was won by Martin Creed), and again in 2007 (when the winner was Mark Wallinger).

Working practice[edit]

Nelson's installations always only exist for the time period of the exhibition which they were made for. They are extended labyrinths, which the viewer is free to find their own way through, and in which the locations of the exit and entrance are often difficult to determine. His "The Deliverance and the Patience" in a former brewery on the Giudecca was in the 2001 Venice Biennale.[2] In September 2007, his exhibition A Psychic Vacuum was held in the old Essex Street Market, New York.[3] Essays on Nelson's projects, '24A Orwell Street King's Cross Sydney'[4] and 'The Deliverance and the Patience'[5] have been written by artist/curator Richard Grayson.

His major installation The Coral Reef (2000), was on display at Tate Britain until the end of 2011. It consists of fifteen rooms and a warren of corridors. This work and its showing at Matt's Gallery earned him his 2001 Turner Prize nomination.

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