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Mike Oehler
Mike Oehler.jpg
David Michael Oehler[1]

(1938-01-02)2 January 1938
Died2 February 2016(2016-02-02) (aged 78)
Known forLow-cost, sustainable underground house designs

Mike Oehler (born January 2, 1938 in Chicago;[1] pronounced /ˈeɪlɚ/ [ay-lur]) was an American author based in Idaho. He was a proponent and designer of affordable and sustainable alternative forms of housing.


Oehler was a participant in the 1960s Back-to-the-land movement. He lived on a 40-acre homestead in the Idaho mountains. He wrote numerous books, and appeared as a university lecturer, and TV and radio guest. He spoke on topics related to self-sufficiency and housing.[2][3]

In 1998 Oehler appeared in an episode of the Louis Theroux series Weird Weekends, in which Theroux visited Oehler's underground home in the mountains.[4] Oehler also appeared in the followup episode Weird Christmas, in which Oehler met others who had appeared on the series.[5]


David Michael Oehler died of natural causes in his home near Bonners Ferry, Idaho on February 2, 2016.[1]

List of publications[edit]

  • 1981: One Mexican Sunday. ISBN 978-0960446414
  • 1982: The $50 Dollars and up Underground House Book. ISBN 978-0442273118
  • 1999: The Hippy Survival Guide to Y2K. ISBN 978-1879628175
  • 2007: The Earth-sheltered Solar Greenhouse Book: How to Build an Energy Free Year-round Greenhouse. ISBN 978-0960446407

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