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This page is a singles discography for the musician Mike Oldfield.


Year Title Album Notes Chart positions
1974 "Mike Oldfield's Single"
("Tubular Bells")
Tubular Bells Note that US version is a very different edit.
The UK version was featured on the 2009 reissue of Tubular Bells.
31 12 3 7
1975 "Don Alfonso" Non-album single Featuring David Bedford on vocals
"In Dulci Jubilo" / "On Horseback" Ommadawn Double A-side. "In Dulci Jublio" is an instrumental;
"On Horseback" features vocals by Mike Oldfield
4 3
1976 "Portsmouth" Non-album singles 3 23
1977 "William Tell Overture"
"Cuckoo Song" Credited to Mike Oldfield with Les Penning
1979 "Guilty" 22
"Blue Peter" 19
1980 "Arrival" QE2 13
"Sheba" / "Wonderful Land" B-side only ("Wonderful Land") charted in Australia 40
1982 "Five Miles Out" Five Miles Out Vocals by Mike Oldfield and Maggie Reilly 43 61 44 42
"Family Man" Vocals by Maggie Reilly 45 29
"(It Was A) Mistake" Non-album single
(North American release only)
Vocals by Maggie Reilly 56
1983 "Moonlight Shadow" Crises Vocals by Maggie Reilly 4 6 3 2 2 1
"Shadow on the Wall" Vocals by Roger Chapman 95 10 3 1
1984 "Crime of Passion" Non-album single Vocals by Barry Palmer 61 17
"To France" Discovery Vocals by Maggie Reilly 48 97 3 6 9
"Tricks of the Light" Vocals by Maggie Reilly and Barry Palmer 91 46
"Étude" The Killing Fields
1985 "Pictures in the Dark" Non-album singles Vocals by Anita Hegerland, Barry Palmer and Aled Jones 50 4 3
1986 "Shine" Vocals by Jon Anderson 100 31
1987 "In High Places" Crises Vocals by Jon Anderson
"Islands" Islands Vocals by Bonnie Tyler 100 41
"The Time Has Come" Vocals by Anita Hegerland
"Magic Touch" Vocals by Max Bacon.
Charted at No. 10[1] on the US Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks Chart
1988 "Flying Start" Vocals by Kevin Ayers
1989 "Earth Moving" Earth Moving Vocals by Nikki Bentley 93
"Innocent" Vocals by Anita Hegerland 8
"(One Glance is) Holy" Vocals by Adrian Belew
1990 "Étude (Nurofen Advert)" Non-album single Reissue of 1984 single
1991 "Heaven's Open" Heaven's Open
"Gimme Back"
1992 "Sentinel" Tubular Bells II 10
"Tattoo" 33
1993 "The Bell" Many different mixes exist.
The UK charting version featured Master of Ceremonies Vivian Stanshall
"Moonlight Shadow" Elements Reissue of 1983 single 52
"In Dulci Jubilo" Reissue of 1975 single A-side
1994 "Hibernaculum" The Songs of Distant Earth 47
1995 "Let There Be Light" 51
1996 "The Voyager" Voyager Promo Single
1997 "Women of Ireland" 70
1998 "Man in the Rain" Tubular Bells III Vocals by Cara Dillon, with additional vocals by Heather Burnett 130 94
1999 "Far Above the Clouds" 53
2002 "To Be Free" Tres Lunas Vocals by Jude Sim 25
"Thou Art in Heaven"
2008 "Spheres" Music of the Spheres Download only
2012 "Tubular Bells/In Dulci Jubilo"
(Music from the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 London Olympic Games)
Isles of Wonder Download and limited edition (500 copies) blue/pink vinyl
2014 "Sailing" Man on the Rocks Radio single / Video download 118
"Moonshine" Radio single / Video download

Extended plays[edit]

Year Title Album Notes Chart positions
1978 Take Four 4-track 12" single, featuring "Portsmouth", "In Dulci Jublio", "Wrekorder Wrondo", and "The Sailor's Hornpipe" 72
1981 The Singles 6-track 12" EP, featuring "The William Tell Overture", "Blue Peter", "Polka", "Cuckoo Song", "Pipe Tune" and "Portsmouth". Released only in Japan
1982 The Mike Oldfield EP 4-track EP, featuring "(It Was A) Mistake", "Waldberg (The Peak)", "Family Man" and "Mount Teide".
Released only in Germany during Oldfield's 1982 "World Tour/Who's Next Tour".
1998 The X-Files Theme EP The X-Files: The Album Features four versions of Mark Snow's "The X-Files Theme", one of these being Oldfield's "Tubular X" which is a reworking of Snow's original theme combined with his own "Tubular Bells".
EP also includes Oldfield's track "The Source of Secrets", from Tubular Bells III. Released only in Japan

Other singles[edit]

Year Title Notes
1973 "Tubular Bells (Excerpts)" USA Promo 13 245 AT[2]
1974 "Tubular Bells" [2]
1974 "Tubular Bells/Froggy Went A-Courting" [2]
1974 "Froggy Went A-Courting" 13 245 AT[2]
1974 "Hergest Ridge" PR-223[2]
1974 "Extract from The Orchestral Tubular Bells" VDJ 1[2]
1974 "Don Alfonso (Deutsche version)" German language single, 13 927 AT[2]
1975 "An extract from Ommadawn" VDJ.9[2]
1975 "Theme from Ommadawn" USA/Canada[2]
1975 "Ommadawn" / "In Dulci Jubilo" France[2]
1979 "Guilty" (Live) Germany, Portugal and Netherlands[2]
1979 "Extract from Tubular Bells" (Live) Germany[2]
1979 "North Star/Platinum Finale" Spain, 101 468[2]
1979 "Alright Now" UK promo single sided flexi-disc
1980 "In Concert" Germany, 696 009-000[2]
1980 "Celt" Australia, VS 374/MX 194891[2]
1980 "Wonderful Land"
1981 "The Singles" Japan only EP
1982 "The Mike Oldfield EP" Germany only EP
1983 "Foreign Affair" Argentina, S-0425[2]
1984 "Discovery" Canada, VDJ006[2]
1985 "The Complete Mike Oldfield" UK, SWALLOW 1 / Spain VP 020 (12-inch)[2]
1988 "The Wind Chimes" USA, "Keyboard" magazine, 1032431XS[2]
1989 "Blue Night" Spain, SP-MIKE 1[2]
1989 "Nothing But" Spain, SP-MIKE 2[2]
1989 "Hostage" USA, PRCD 3208[2]
1989 "Tubular Bells (Edit)" USA, PRCD 3572[2]
1990 "Amarok album sampler" Germany, 663 271-000[2]
1990 "Amarok X-Traks" AMACD 1 / AMACD 1DJ "Insight" (WhSmith magazine)[2]
1991 "Moonlight Shadow" Reissue, France
1992 "Tubular Bells II" Medley cassette-tape[2]
1993 "Tubular Bells/Moonlight Shadow (Elements Promo)" France, FROLD 1[2]
1993 "Tubular Bells (Elements Promo)" Spain, SPOLD1[2]
1993 "Moonlight Shadow (Elements Promo)" Spain, SPOLD2[2]
1993 "Ommadawn (Elements Promo)" Spain, SPOLD3[2]
1993 "Family Man (Elements Promo)" Spain, SPOLD4[2]
1993 "To France (Elements Promo)" Spain, SPOLD5[2]
1993 "Islands (Elements Promo)" Spain, SPOLD6[2]
1994 "Five Miles Out (Elements Promo)" Spain, SPOLD7[2]
1994 "Foreign Affair (Elements Promo)" Spain, SPOLD8[2]
1994 "Heaven's Open (Elements Promo)" Spain, SPOLD9[2]
1994 "Highlights from the Album – The Songs of Distant Earth" Netherlands, WARNER 2[2]
1994 "The Songs of Distant Earth" Sweden, WMSPROM68[2]
1994 "A Shot of Moonshine" UK, SAM 1470[2]
1995 "Tubular World" Spain, 2033[2]
1996 "The Voyager" German/UK Promo only, PRCD 386[2]
1996 "The Song of the Sun" Spain, PRCD 486[2]
1996 "Mont St. Michel" Spain, PRCD 363[2]
1997 "XXV – The Essential Radio Sampler" Germany, PRCD 949[2]
1998 "The X-Files Theme" X-Files Theme, Japanese release (AMCY-2917)
1998 "More Secrets" UK, 333 00067 2[2]
1998 "The Top of the Morning" Spain, PRO 1116[2]
1999 "Cochise" Spain, PRO 2018[2]
1999 "Out of Mind" Spain, PRO 2019[2]
1999 "Pacha Mama" Spain, SP008W
1999 "Sunlight Shining Through Cloud" Spain Promo-only
1999 "Amber Light" Spain/Germany, PRCD 1783
2003 "Introduction 2003" Spain/Germany Promo-only (PRO3962)/(PRO3692)
2005 "Surfing" England Promo-only (SURFCJ1)
2009 "Mike Oldfield's Single"
("Tubular Bells")
Promo single. Re-released due to the 2009 reissue of Tubular Bells
2013 "Mike Oldfield's Single"
("Tubular Bells")
Promo single. Re-released for Record Store Day and the 40th Anniversary of Virgin and Tubular Bells
2014 "Nuclear" Charted at number 1 on Spotify's Viral Charts
2015 "Zombies" A light-hearted halloween-themed rework of "Poison Arrows", released for halloween 2015 and to be included on the 2016 reissue of Discovery.


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