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Mike Pattenden is a freelance journalist and writer.[1] He began his career in the entertainment games industry including a period at Commodore User[2] before moving into music journalism. He was formerly Reviews Editor at VOX magazine then music correspondent at The Daily Express. He now writes about topics ranging from music to sport, entertainment and business. His work appears regularly in The Mail on Sunday, The Sunday Times and Esquire. He is also the author of Last Orders at the Liars' Bar, the official biography of The Beautiful South, and Stay Sonic, a book giving background history for the Sega character Sonic the Hedgehog. This version of Sonic's story differed drastically from the Japanese version, and was used in all British Sonic books and comics, notably Sonic the Comic.


He enjoys football, cycling, snowboarding and tennis. He is a fan of West Ham United, and a former co-editor of the defunct fanzine Fortune's Always Hiding. He has also written his first novel, It's More Important Than That.[3]

He knows little about the Sinclair ZX Spectrum and thinks that Manic Miner was the defining game for it. Instead of Jet Set Willy or a dozen other truly definitive titles. He is overpaid for low-quality output.