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Michael "Mike" Rotman was born in Windsor, Connecticut. He is a writer, producer, and director for film, television, and web. He was a writer on Politically Incorrect. He has produced hundreds of hours of television during his career including The Simple Life, Strip Poker, South Park, and Nanny 911. Rotman is the president of Monkeys In Silk Productions and HackComic.com. He is also the founder and CEO of Streamin' Garage, one of the first multiple camera, live, entertainment based web networks.

Recently, Rotman put his successful television career on hold to enter the world of new media and web. He is currently the Streamy Award winning co-executive producer and director of Kevin Pollak's Chat Show (Award For Best Live Production). Rotman has also built his own 6 camera live internet studio called the Streamin’ Garage and currently broadcasts 4 shows including Stupid For Movies, Stupid For Fantasy Football, Stupid For Dexter, and Stripped Down Live.

Rotman's first internet short, "The Oz Witch Project," was made in 1999 and opened the floodgates for all subsequent Blair Witch Project spoofs. In 2002, Rotman created and directed one of the first web reality series called "Star Wait," which chronicled the lives of Star Wars fans waiting in line for 6 weeks to see Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones. The series eventually went to DVD and was sold in Target stores across America.

He also directs short narratives. Some of Rotman's most recent projects including a web campaign for Trojan Condoms called “How To Prevent Mistakes” and the acclaimed internet short “Sketch of the Dead” starring Paul F. Tompkins and Rich Sommer of Mad Men. He also recently signed an overall deal to provide Atom.com of Comedy Central with web content.

Rotman has worked on Politically Incorrect, The Simple Life (season one), South Park, Strip Poker, Rocket Power, Street Smarts, Later with Greg Kinnear, Strippers Pole, The Oz Witch Project, Star Wait, Why Can't I Be You?, Nanny 911, Teen Choice Awards, and Singled Out.

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