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Mike Shapiro
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Michael W. Shapiro
OccupationSoftware engineer

Michael W. "Mike" Shapiro is an American computer programmer who worked in operating systems and storage at Sun Microsystems, Oracle, and EMC.

While working at Sun Microsystems, Shapiro developed pgrep, the Modular Debugger (MDB), DTrace, fault management and diagnosis, and other software for Sun's Solaris operating system.[1]

Shapiro and the DTrace team received a Technology Innovation Award and Overall Gold Medal for Innovation for DTrace from the Wall Street Journal in 2006.[2] DTrace was also recognized by USENIX with the Software Tools User Group (STUG) award in 2008.[3]

Starting in 2006, Shapiro led Sun's engineering effort to build a commercial storage product using Solaris and Sun's ZFS filesystem, announced in 2008.[4] After Oracle Corporation acquired Sun, Shapiro managed engineering for storage products.

Shapiro announced his departure from Oracle in a 2010 blog posting,[5] and was revealed several years later as a member of the founding team of DSSD when EMC purchased the startup.[6] He developed the DSSD software architecture with fellow Sun engineer Jeff Bonwick, and served as DSSD's vice president for software.

Shapiro was a co-author of the NVM Express over Fabrics storage protocol announced in 2014.[7] After EMC was acquired by Dell Technologies, the DSSD group was folded into the EMC storage product division in 2017.[8]


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