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Mike Shuster was a diplomatic correspondent and a roving foreign correspondent for National Public Radio in the United States. He is currently the executive producer of The Great War Project, a website examining the impact of World War 1 on our world, a century after it ended. On that website, (greatwarproject.org), he writes the blog "Catastrophe, A Blog of World War One."


Shuster worked for NPR for over 30 years as a reporter. He joined NPR in 1980 as a freelance reporter where he was responsible for covering business and the economy.[1] As a foreign correspondent, he has reported from Tehran, Islamabad, Berlin, Moscow, and Israel and the West Bank, among many other places.[2] He covered the U.S. invasion of Iraq, and armed conflicts in Georgia and other former republics of the Soviet Union. In 1989 he witnessed the fall of he Berlin Wall. He was based at NPR West located in Culver City, California. Prior to working for NPR, he was a United Nations correspondent for Pacifica News Service where he covered the election of Robert Mugabe in 1980 in Zimbabwe. In 1970 and 1976 he traveled around Africa working as a freelance foreign affairs reporter.[1] His reporting trip in 1970 culminated in a three-week visit to the liberated zones of Guinea-Bissau, a former Portuguese colony. Several years later he spent half a year reporting on Angola. At the time Angola was the scene of a war involving three factions fighting for power in the post-colonial African territory. From 1969 until 1975, he was a photographer and editor at Liberation News Service in New York, a supplier of reports, photos, and graphics for the underground press in the United States.

Honors and awa[edit]

Shuster has won a number of awards which include:

  • Peabody Award for his team's coverage of September 11
  • Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Awards for coverage of the Iraq War (2007 and 2004); September 11 and the war in Afghanistan (2003); and the Gulf War (1992)
  • Overseas Press Club Lowell Thomas Award in 2003 for "The Middle East: A Century of Conflict"
  • First in Documentary Reporting from the National Headliner Awards
  • Honorable mention from the Overseas Press Club in 1999
  • SAJA Journalism Award in 1998[1]


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