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Mike Small is an activist, writer and publisher originally from Aberdeen. He is a self-described social ecologist, Scottish socialist and republican. He was the founder of Product magazine[1] (first launched as Red Herring in 1998) as well as one of the group behind Indymedia Scotland.[2]

He worked with Murray Bookchin in Vermont in the mid 1990s before returning to Scotland. He is a specialist in generalism and has written and taught widely on civics and generalism, particularly the work of the polymath Patrick Geddes (1854–1932).

Published work includes: A Vigorous Institution: The Living Legacy of Patrick Geddes', Luath Press (2007), Universalism and the Genus Loci: Geddes in Cyprus, Italy, Catalonia and Japan . 'Systemic Complexity and Eco-Sustainable Development' Edited by Ivano Spano and Dario Padovan (2001), Padua, Italy - June 2001, Local Development as a Strategic Alternative.

He was behind the Fife Diet local eating experiment, which aims to relocalise food production and distribution on a regional basis as a response to globalisation and climate change. He has written for Lobster magazine[3] and Variant magazine[4] is currently a columnist for The Guardian newspaper and Open Democracy as well as teaching at Torino University[5] and other freelance projects. He previously worked with Gus Abraham and is currently editor of Bella Caledonia.


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