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Mike Swoboda
Mayor of Kirkwood, Missouri
In office

Mike Swoboda (September 1938 – September 6, 2008) was the former mayor of Kirkwood, Missouri, first elected to the position in 2000 for a term lasting until 2004, and re-elected in 2004 for a term lasting until 2008.

He was wounded on February 7, 2008, when Charles "Cookie" Thornton went on a shooting rampage at a meeting in the city hall. Swoboda, who was one of the targets of the rampage, was taken to St. John’s Mercy Medical Center in critical condition.[1][2][3] [4] Swoboda was shot in the lower jaw, with the bullet exiting from his cheek, and was also shot in the back of his head. He received a surgery on February 7 and a second on February 8, which lasted three hours.[5] On February 13 he opened his eyes, and on the 15th his condition was upgraded to serious.[6]

On February 23, his condition was upgraded to satisfactory.[7][8]

On September 6, 2008, Swoboda died in hospice after a rapid decline in health status due to the shooting. [9] According to Swoboda's son, cancer was also an additional factor that contributed to his father's health decline.[10]


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