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Mike Tempesta is a rock guitarist and an artist relations manager. He also goes by the moniker "M.33". He was credited for rhythm guitar on the 1990 Anthrax album Persistence of Time.[1] Before his career as a musician, he was a guitar technician for Anthrax's Scott Ian.[2] He was a member of Human Waste Project, and played rhythm guitar in the band Powerman 5000[2] until his departure in 2005. He performed on the debut album of Scum of the Earth, once again with his brother John Tempesta, and has since left the lineup. After leaving Powerman 5000, he took up a job as an artist relations manager for Yamaha Corporation of America, but soon left and eventually was hired as an artist relations manager for Fender Musical Instruments Corporation, overseeing the Jackson, Charvel, and EVH brands.

A Schecter guitar was branded with his name.[3]


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