Mike Turian

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Mike Turian
Residence Seattle, WA (USA)
Nationality United States American
Pro Tour debut 1997 Pro Tour Chicago
Winnings US$118,053[1]
Pro Tour wins (Top 8) 1 (5)[2]
Grand Prix wins (Top 8) 2 (6)[3]
Lifetime Pro Points 234[4]
Planeswalker Level 46 (Archmage)

Michael Turian is a successful professional player of Magic: The Gathering. He won Pro Tour New York with Team Potato Nation. Turian also won two Grand Prixs. In 2008 Mike Turian was voted in the Hall of Fame. He was inducted during the World championship in Memphis.


Mike Turian qualified for Pro Tour (PT) Chicago 1997 at a PTQ in Akron, Ohio. He finished 27th at PT Chicago, winning money and automatically qualifying for the next PT in Mainz.[5] An 11th place at Mainz was followed by several Pro Tour money finishes (Top 64 at the time). Eventually he won Pro Tour New York 2000 with teammates Gary Wise and Scott Johns. A 5th place at the World championship in Toronto in the season followed.

The next season started off well with a win Grand Prix Montreal 2001, but other than that some less successful seasons followed for Turian. Eventually the 2003–04 season became his most successful with final day appearance at PT Boston, Amsterdam, and San Diego. He also managed to win another Grand Prix at Columbus.

He left the Pro Tour in 2004, to take a job as developer at Wizards of the Coast.


 Season   Event type   Location  Format Date  Rank 
1997–98 Grand Prix Toronto Block Constructed 30–31 August 1997 7
1998–99 Grand Prix Washington D.C. Booster Draft 18–20 June 1999 5
1999–00 Nationals Orlando Special 8–11 June 2000 5
2000–01 Pro Tour New York City Team Limited 27 September–1 October 2000 1
2000–01 Worlds Toronto Special 8–12 August 2001 5
2001–02 Grand Prix Montreal Limited 13–14 October 2001 1
2001–02 Grand Prix Milwaukee Standard 11–12 May 2002 3
2002–03 Nationals San Diego Special 27–29 June 2003 8
2003–04 Pro Tour Boston Team Limited 12–14 September 2003 3
2003–04 Pro Tour Amsterdam Limited 16–18 January 2004 8
2003–04 Grand Prix Oakland Booster Draft 7–8 February 2004 3
2003–04 Grand Prix Columbus, Ohio Limited 27–28 March 2004 1
2003–04 Pro Tour San Diego Limited 14–16 May 2004 3

Last updated: 7 November 2011
Source: Wizards.com

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