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Bro. Mariano "Mike" Zuniega Velarde
Born (1939-08-20) August 20, 1939 (age 77)
Caramoran, Catanduanes, Philippines
Occupation Televangelist
Real Estate Developer
Spouse(s) Belen Velarde

Mariano "Mike" Zuniega Velarde (born August 20, 1939), better known as Bro. Mike Velarde, is the founder and "Servant Leader" of a Philippines-based Catholic Charismatic religious group called El Shaddai which has estimated following of three to seven million. He is the best known televangelist in the Philippines. [1]

He is also the owner of Amvel Land Development Corporation, a real estate company, and Delta Broadcasting System.

Personal life[edit]

Bro. Mike is married to Avelina "Belen" del Monte[2] and they have four children:[citation needed] Franklin, Rene, Sherry and Michael. Velarde's son Rene Velarde representing the Buhay partylist, is the richest party-list congressman with a net worth of P30.9 million.[3] His son, Franklin is an investor in the Puyat[who?]-controlled Manila Bank (total assets of P7.57 billion).[4]


Bro. Mike began his involvement with Charismatic Christianity together with the late Russian-Filipino actor-turned-evangelist Ronald Remy who eventually founded the Corpus Christi Community, an Evangelical congregation now known as Lord Jesus Our Redeemer (LJOR) Church. Velarde, having experienced and been exposed to the Charismatic movement, decided to remain within the Roman Catholic Church.[citation needed] In 1984, he founded the El Shaddai movement[1] and it has become an eclectic expression of Philippine folk Christianity, the Charismatic movement and Roman Catholicism.[citation needed] Velarde remains a layman within the Roman Catholic church.

His preaching style is no different from typical prosperity gospel-driven Pentecostal televangelists. It promises God's financial and physical blessings to all provided that they remain faithful in attendance to gatherings, giving their tithes and offerings, and obedience. Part of Velarde's practical theology is the use of certain inanimate objects such as handkerchiefs, bankbooks and umbrellas which are held aloft during services.[1] Such practices are not foreign to Filipino indigenous and folk religion.[1] Thus, Velarde's brand of Catholic Charismaticism is highly acceptable to a majority of Filipinos.[5][6] Initially, Bro. Mike reports that only "the poorest of the poor" attended El Shaddai's services.[1]


Bro. Mike over the years has both endorsed political candidates and run for office himself, such as for the Philippine House of Representatives.[1]


TV Show[edit]

  • El Shaddai (1992-present)

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