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Waterson at the 2009 Sidmouth Folk Week

Michael (Mike) Waterson (17 January 1941 – 22 June 2011)[1][2] was an English writer, songwriter and folk singer.

Waterson was born in Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, England. He is best known as a member of The Watersons, with his sisters Lal Waterson and Norma Waterson and his brother-in-law Martin Carthy.[3] In the 1968–1972 interval between the two incarnations of The Watersons, he and his sister Lal recorded the album Bright Phoebus.[4]

He also released a solo album, simply called Mike Waterson in 1977. Tamlyn from the album is track eight on the first CD of the Topic Records 70 year anniversary boxed set Three Score and Ten.

He was a member of Blue Murder.[5] Mike also appeared in the original recording of Peter Bellamy's The Transports. In 2008, Mike made a guest appearance alongside Norma Waterson on Scottish musician James Yorkston's album When the Haar Rolls In, singing his sister Lal Waterson's song, "Midnight Feast".

He has three daughters, one son, and five grandchildren.

He died on 22 June 2011, aged 70, at Scarborough, North Yorkshire[6][4][7]


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