Mikes (restaurant)

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Wholly owned subsidiary
Industry Casual dining restaurant
Founded 1967
Headquarters Montreal, Quebec
Products Pizza, Pasta, Submarines,
Parent Imvescor Restaurant Group Inc.
Website www.mikes.ca

Mikes, referred to as Trattoria di Mikes in the current logo, is a chain of Italian-styled restaurants that originated in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, with 76 restaurants in Eastern Canada, mostly in Quebec. A restaurant was opened in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the United States, in 2004, but was closed by 2008.[1]

The restaurant chain is owned by Imvescor Restaurant Group, based in Moncton, New Brunswick, which also owns Pizza Delight, Baton Rouge and Scores. Mikes was founded in 1967, in Montreal, as a sandwich shop. Since then, their menu has added pizza, pasta, chicken, steak, cheese-sticks, many other meals, and some desserts.


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