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Mikhail Bulgakov House
National Landmark of History
Bulgakov house.jpg
Name origin: Mikhail Bulgakov
Country Ukraine
Region–City Kiev
Coordinates 50°27′39″N 30°30′53″E / 50.46083°N 30.51472°E / 50.46083; 30.51472Coordinates: 50°27′39″N 30°30′53″E / 50.46083°N 30.51472°E / 50.46083; 30.51472
Founded May 15, 1991
Director A. Konchakovskyi
For public open
Easiest access Andriyivskyy Descent
Houses Mikhail Bulgakov Museum
Reference No. 260002-N
Mikhail Bulgakov Museum is located in Ukraine
Mikhail Bulgakov Museum
Website: http://www.bulgakov.org.ua

Mikhail Bulgakov Museum (officially known as Literature-Memorial Museum to Mikhail Bulgakov, commonly called the Bulgakov House or Lystovnychyi House) is a museum in Kiev, Ukraine, dedicated to Kiev-born Russian writer Mikhail Bulgakov.

Commenced in February 1989, and opened on May 15, 1991, for the 100th anniversary of the writer's birth, the museum is located at №13 on the Andriyivskyy Descent and contains an exposition of nearly 2500 pieces that include Bulgakov's belongings, books, postcards, and photos - conveying the life and creativity of the writer and his surroundings. The atmosphere of the house reflects the writer's life - as a secondary school pupil, student of medicine, family doctor, and writer—when Bulgakov wrote The White Guard, The Master and Margarita, and Theatre Love Story.

The building itself, erected in 1888 and designed by architect N. Gardenin, was thoroughly renovated before the opening of the museum. A memorial plaque with Bulgakov's portrait now hangs on the front of the building. The White Guard novel makes vivid references to the Andriyivskyy Descent, and the current plaque of the address at №13 displays the street name the writer used in his book (№13 Andreevsky spusk). Inna Konchakovskaia (1902–85), daughter of the owner (who was a hero of that Bulgakov novel) and niece of composer Witold Maliszewski, preserved this unique house for Kiev in the hard Soviet times [1].

The museum staff conducts considerable studies and research, publishes unreleased material, and holds book-club meetings.

In June 2014, the museum posted the following announcement: "All persons supportive of the military occupation of Ukraine are discouraged from visiting the museum - The Mikhail Bulgakov Museum Administration."[1]

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