Mikhail Chailakhyan

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Mikhail Khristoforovich Chailakhyan
Born 1902
Died 1991
Residence Soviet Union Soviet Union
Fields plant growth and development
Known for contributions to plant physiology and flowering

Mikhail Khristoforovich Chailakhyan (Armenian: Միքայել Քրիստափորի Չայլախյան, Russian: Михаи́л Христофо́рович Чайлахя́н) (1902–1991) was an Armenian-Russian scientist who is widely known for proposing the existence of a universal plant hormone that is involved in flowering.[1] He named this hormone florigen in 1936.[2] His studies included the mechanisms of flowering, tuberization and sex expression in plants. His pioneer work included the agricultural applications of phytohormones and synthetic analogs.[3]


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