Mikhail III of Tver

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Mikhail III of Tver or Michael the Exile (1453–1505) was the last prince of Tver.

Mikhail was the son of Boris of Tver and Anastasia of Suzdal (d. after 1486). He was Grand Prince of Tver from February 10, 1461 to 1485. He married Sophia Olelkovich, princess of Slutsk of Lithuanian origin[1] in 1471 (d.February 6, 1483), then a granddaughter of Casimir IV Jagiellon, and eventually lost the title when Ivan III of Moscow conquered Tver in 1485. Ivan the Younger, son of Ivan III the Great, is by some sources counted as prince of Tver from 1485 to 1490, but may have been without real ruling power.[2]

Mikhail of Tver went to exile to Kingdom of Poland and Grand Duchy of Lithuania, trying to regain the throne of Tver, but King Casimir IV Jagiellon prevented that.[3]