Mikhail Khovanov

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Mikhail Khovanov
Михаил Гелиевич Хованов
Born1972 (age 51–52)
Alma materYale University
OccupationProfessor of Mathematics
EmployerColumbia University
Known forKhovanov homology, categorification
Notable workA categorification of the Jones polynomial
RelativesTanya Khovanova (half-sister)

Mikhail Khovanov (Russian: Михаил Гелиевич Хованов; born 1972) is a Russian-American professor of mathematics at Columbia University who works on representation theory, knot theory, and algebraic topology. He is known for introducing Khovanov homology for links,[1][2] which was one of the first examples of categorification.

Education and career[edit]

Khovanov graduated from Moscow State School 57 mathematical class in 1988.[3] He earned a PhD in mathematics from Yale University in 1997,[4] where he studied under Igor Frenkel.[5]

Khovanov was a faculty member at UC Davis before moving to Columbia University.[6]

He is a half-brother of Tanya Khovanova.


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