Mikhail Krechetnikov

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Dmitry Levitzky, Mikhaïl Kretchetnikov (Hermitage Museum)
General Krechetnikov declares the manifest of Catherine the Great to Volhynians and Podolians (Partitions of Poland)

Michael N. Kretchetnikov (1729– 9 May 1793) was a Russian military commander and General of Infantry. He was the younger brother of Piotr Kretchetnikov.


The son of H.C. Kretchetnikov, a privy counsellor, he graduated from the Land Gentry Corps and fought with the rank of second major in the Seven Years' War. During the Russo-Turkish War he distinguished at Kagul, for which he was promoted to Major-General. He then took part in the quelling of a revolt in the Ukraine (Koliyivshchyna) on the orders of Catherine II.

From July 1775 he was governor-poruchik of Tver and then from 1776 governor of Kaluga and Tula. In 1790 he was awarded the title of general-anshefa. He fought in the Polish–Russian War of 1792, commanded Russian troops in Lithuania and was appointed Governor-General of that area (then including Belarus, Lithuania, western Ukraine and part of Poland) after the First Partition of Poland, before retiring to Russia on the second partition of Poland.


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Political offices
Preceded by
Pyotr Rumyantsev
Governor-General of Little Russia
Succeeded by
Iosif Igelström