Mikhail Mamistov

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Mikhail Mamistov with Extra 300L aircraft over Helsinki-Malmi airport.

Mikhail Mamistov (born 26 April 1961, in Leningrad), is a Russian powered and glider aerobatic pilot.[1]

Glider Aerobatics[edit]

He won the FAI World Glider Aerobatic Championships 1995 and 1997, and the FAI European Glider Aerobatic Championships 1996.

Powered Aerobatics[edit]

In 2001 he won the FAI World (Powered) Aerobatic Championships and World Air Games Powered Aerobatic Championships. In 2006[2] and 2008[3] he won the FAI European (Powered) Aerobatic Championships. In September 2017, he won the World Aerobatic Championship[4] in Malelane, South Africa, flying the Extra 330SC.

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