Mikhail Gromov (military)

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Not to be confused with Mikhail Leonidovich Gromov.
Mikhail Gromov
Михаи́л Гро́мов
Gromov Mihail Mihajlovich 1934.jpg
Mikhail Mikhaylovich Gromov, 1934
Full name Mikhail Mikhaylovich Gromov
Born (1899-02-24)24 February 1899
Tver, Tver Governorate, Russian Empire
Died 22 January 1985(1985-01-22) (aged 85)
Aviation career
Known for Establishing a new non-stop flight distance record of 12411 kilometers (6,306 mi) from Moscow to San Jacinto, California, U.S
Awards Hero of the Soviet Union Order of Lenin

Mikhail Mikhaylovich Gromov (Russian: Михаи́л Миха́йлович Гро́мов; 24 February 1899 - 22 January 1985) was a famous Russian aviator and Hero of the Soviet Union.


On 12–14 July 1937, Mikhail Gromov, A. B. Yumashev and S. A. Danilin established a new non-stop flight distance record of 10,148 kilometers (6,306 mi) from Moscow to San Jacinto, California, U.S., via the North Pole in a Tupolev ANT-25.

He was the first director of the LII, a flight research institute which currently bears his name as does the square in the city of Zhukovsky near it.

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