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Mikhail Reva

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Mikhail Reva
Born13 March 1960
Alma materSaint Petersburg Art & Industry Academy
Known forurban design, monuments, sculpture, art works, books illustration
AwardsThe Honoured Artist of Ukraine

Mikhail Reva is a Ukrainian artist, sculptor, architect,[1] a founder of a non-profit organisation REVA Foundation.


1993 The fountain "Source of Life" dedicated to the 200th anniversary of Odesa

Drawing inspiration from ancient folklores and philosophies, Mikhail Reva processes unfathomable symbolism by reconstructing it into physical sculptural form.[2] The tension between viewer and these imposing, anthropomorphized artworks sparks the imagination towards transcendent realms. The works of Michael Reva have a diverse nature and are presented in many places.


  • 2024 Exhibition SCRUTINY of EVIL at the U.S. Embassy's storied Hotel de Talleyrand,[3] city halls of Paris’ 3rd and 15th districts, Paris (France)[4]
  • 2023 Exhibition SCRUTINY OF EVIL at Odesa Fine Arts Museum,[5] Ukraine
  • 2019 Exhibition REVELATION at Odesa Fine Arts Museum, Ukraine
  • 2015 Established Charity Foundation Reva (Ukraine)
  • 2014 Participation in the exhibition "Ukrainian Breakthrough" at the Center for Contemporary Art, Odesa.
  • 2010 First prize in the international competition for the creation of the memorial and museum complex "Babi Yar" Kyiv, Ukraine
  • 2005 Personal exhibition "7305". Museum of Western & Oriental Arts, Odesa (Ukraine)
  • 2003 Exhibition "Decorative and Applied Art of Ukraine of the ХХ century, 200 names". Ukrainian House, Kyiv
  • 2001 Participation in the exhibition "Ten Years of Independence of Ukraine" at Ukrainian Institute of America in New York, USA
  • 2000 Participation in the exhibition "20 Artists of Ukraine at the end of the 20th century". National Museum of Art, Kyiv
  • 2000 Personal exhibition ATAR OF CHILDREN'S DREAMS . Children's Rehabilitation Center, Odesa, Ukraine
  • 1998 The 3-rd Prize of the 110th International Biennial LIBR' ART" Libramont, Belgium
  • 1997 Grand Prix of the International Festival of Arts GOLDEN PERETIN, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • 1996 DREAMS OF MONTEZUMA - personal exhibition within a framework of international project "Communication" in Caracas, Venezuela
  • 1995 "Gateway to ..." - personal exhibition within the framework of the International Conference dedicated to V.V. Kandinsky at Museum of Western and Eastern Arts, Odesa
  • 1994 International exhibition of miniature sculptures, dedicated to Divine Comedy Dante in Ravenna, Italy
  • 1992 Personal exhibition in the House of the Artist, Moscow
  • 1991-1992 Internship at the Roman Academy of Arts, Italy

Art works

  • 2024 Sculpture EPIPHANY NOW, Odesa[6]
  • 2022-2024 Sculptures and paintings for movable exhibition SCRUTINY OF EVIL[7]
  • 2021 Sculptures EDEM and BIRTH OF THE SOUL, the Greek Park, Odesa[8]
  • 2019 Sculpture MORE BOOKS, LESS FEAR, next to Odesa National Scientific Library[9]
  • 2018 VIOLIN SOUL for The International Pedagogy Award of Honor, Foundation Sion Violin Music, Switzerland
  • 2018 Fountain ORIGIN OF INCEPTION Greek Park, Odesa[10]
  • 2018 Sculptural composition PARTICLES OF LIFE in Odrex Medical House, Odesa
  • 2017 Sculpture DOMUS SOLIS, beachside Odesa [11]
  • 2016 The tomb of Bogdan Stupka, Kiev (Ukraine)
  • 2015 Park sculpture ODESSA'S TIME, Odesa Central Park[12]
  • 2012 Sculptural composition CITY CENTER Odesa
  • 2012 The project TRILOGY OF GRAPE VINE at Shabo Wine Culture Center, Odesa Region
  • 2011 Architectural project of the monument of Issac Babel with sculptor G. Frangulyan, Odesa
  • 2009 Fountain (bronze, golden leaf) in the atrium of Intercontinental Hotel, Kyiv
  • 2009 Concept of architectural project for the memorial and museum complex "Babi Yar", Kyiv
  • 2007-2008 Sculpture THE GRAIN OF LIFE with Angelo Farion, Moscow
  • 2007 Interior design of Intercontinental Hotel, Kyiv
  • 2006 Sculptural composition HEART OF THE WORLD Children's Rehabilitation Center, Odesa
  • 2006 Sculptural composition TREE OF LOVE Odesa
  • 2003 Sculptures in business center LEONARDO, Kyiv
  • 2001 Competition project of the monumental sculpture CRYSTAL DREAM for the public project "3 Acres on the Lake", Chicago (US)
  • 1999 Sculpture THE 12th CHAIR, Odesa Central Park[13]
  • 1999 Competition project of monumental sculpture ADAM'S APPLE commissioned by Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 1998 Peter Berg Prize OVERCOMING THE IMPOSSIBLE, ordered by the National Geographic Society of Great Britain
  • 1997 The project THE SLAVIC SHRINES for the National Treasury of Ukraine.
  • 1997 A complex of fountains on a biblical theme for the residence of the US ambassador in Kyiv, Ukraine
  • 1996 Monumental sculpture ANGEL OF GRACE installed over the entrance to the rehabilitation center for disabled children, Odesa
  • 1994-1995 Bas-reliefs FOUR SIDES OF THE WORLD to the monumental sculpture of Ernst Neizvestny THE GOLDEN CHILD, Odesa
  • 1993 The fountain SOURCE OF LIFE dedicated to the 200th anniversary of Odesa
  • 1988,1990,1994 Design of "Grand Award" for the International Film Festival "Golden Duke". Odesa




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