Mikheil Meskhi Stadium

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Mikheil Meskhi Stadium
Lokomotivi Stadium
Full name Mikheil Meskhi Stadium
Former names Lokomotivi Stadium (1952-2005)
Location Georgia (country) Tbilisi, Georgia
Owner Government of Georgia
Capacity 27,223[1]
Opened 1952[2][3]
Georgia national rugby union team
Georgia national football team
Georgia national rugby league team
FC Lokomotivi Tbilisi[4]
FC Spartaki Tbilisi[5]
2017 UEFA European Under-19 Championship

The Mikheil Meskhi Stadium, also known as the Lokomotivi Stadium, is a multi-purpose stadium in Tbilisi, Georgia named after the famous Georgian international footballer. It is used mostly for football matches, and occasionally for rugby union and rugby league matches. The stadium was renovated in 2001[6] and has a capacity to hold 27,223 people. It is the second largest stadium in Georgia, after the Boris Paichadze Stadium.

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Coordinates: 41°42′34.62″N 44°44′46.49″E / 41.7096167°N 44.7462472°E / 41.7096167; 44.7462472