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Mikhoel Felzenbaum (Yiddish: מיכאל פֿעלזענבאַום, Russian: Михо́эл Фельзенба́ум; born 1951 in Vasylkiv, Ukraine, USSR) is a postmodernist Yiddish novelist, poet and playwright.

He grew up in the Bessarabian city of Florești. He studied stage directing, theatre and art history in Leningrad and, from 1969 to 1973, worked as a director in the national theater of Bălți. In the mid-1980s, he began to publish his work in the Yiddish journal Sovetish Heymland. In 1988, he founded the Jewish theater of Bălți, for which he directed a number of plays in Yiddish. He was first chairman of the city's Jewish cultural society. His plays have been discussed in a conference in Alsace[1]

After immigrating to Israel in 1991, Felsenbaum published several volumes of poetry and prose in Yiddish, and was co-founder of the almanac, Naye Vegn. He has had work published in various Yiddish journals: Di Goldene Keyt and ToplPunkt (Israel), Di Pen (Oxford), Oyfn Shvel and Yidishe Kultur (New York). His novel, Shabesdike Shvebelekh, is one of the only postmodern works written in Yiddish, and is about to be translated into Hebrew, English, German, Russian and French. It was discussed at a conference in Oxford [2]

Mikhoel Felzenbaum has programmes on the weekly Yiddish language series broadcast on the Reka radio station based in Israel.


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