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Miroslav "Miki" Đuričić (Serbian Cyrillic: Мирослав „Мики” Ђуричић; born March 13, 1977) was a contestant in three seasons of Veliki brat (Serbian-Montenegrin-Bosnian version of Big Brother TV series): Season 1 (2006), Season 2 (2007) and VIP All Stars (2009). He also entered the 5th season of Farma, the Serbian version of The Farm. Despite voluntarily leaving the reality show very early in Season 1, he was arguably its most notable, memorable, and popular contestant. He returned to Season 2, but left the show again after his father was introduced to the show. He finally competed in, and won, the "VIP All Stars" season.


Đuričić was born into a large blue collar family from the village of Kupinovo, the province of Vojvodina, Serbia (then part of Yugoslavia). He only completed primary school before entering workforce through a series of temporary menial jobs.

Following the start of Veliki brat broadcasts in September 2006, 29-year-old Đuričić became an immediate fan favourite for his folksy nature, direct communicative approach, and biting commentary, all of which many took as signs of his openness, sincerity, and intellect. Despite being the early odds on favourite to take the big 100,000 prize, Đuričić voluntarily left the show on September 29, 2006 after spending only 15 days in the Veliki brat house.[1] Though he never went into details, he cited general dissatisfaction with the group dynamic created by the contestants within the house as the main reason for his decision to leave.

What awaited him outside was instant fame, with different Serbian media outlets giving him tremendous attention. In addition to gossip media, his fame also became the subject of other more serious outlets, which led many to conclude that he essentially became a minor cultural phenomenon.[2] Among his various media appearances from this period are the interview for Serbian edition of Playboy,[3] guest role on Mile vs. Tranzicija television comedy series,[3] as well as getting to host his own call-in show called ŠNIP on radio B92,[4] a job he ended up doing for seven months.[3] He additionally did two commercials (one for peanuts producer, and the other for a beer company).

During fall 2007, Veliki brat producers invited him for the show's second season. He accepted the offer, admitting to gambling away most of the money he earned from commercials and sponsors. He entered the house for the second time on October 27, 2007, but voluntarily left early again on December 6, 2007, unhappy that the producers in the meantime invited his father Mirko into the house. By this time, Đuričić's popularity among the masses had mostly waned.

In spring 2008, he became a contestant on another reality show. This time it was the second season of Plesom do snova, Serbian version of Dancing With the Stars. He and his partner got eliminated in the 8th episode.[5]

Đuričić entered the Veliki Brat house once again as one of the contestants at the Veliki brat VIP All Stars season, started on March 9, 2009. He became a winner of Veliki brat VIP All Stars on April 6, 2009.[6]

On September 1, 2013, Đuričić entered the 5th season of Farma, the Serbian version of The Farm reality show. He left the show after fight with another contestant.[7]


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