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Mikindani estate is an area within Jomvu Constituency which is mainly a suburban area of Mombasa. The estate lies along the Mombasa- Nairobi highway (A109 road). The estate is surrounded by the Indian ocean and is believed to have earned its name formerly from mikinda, meaning small minazi (young coconut palms) which are believed to have been growing in the area.

The estate has subdivision areas/villages in it namely:

  • Kwa Mwanzia
  • Amani
  • Kwa Ngombe
  • Ganahola
  • Kwashee
  • Staff
  • Kijiweni
  • Aldina.

The area has experienced a growth in population due to the industrialization within the mainland. In the estate, transport and communication, businesses, and vast growth in infrastructure is present compared to the way it was in the early 90's.

Education and Religion[edit]

Education has vast grown with currently present with several nursery and pre- schools, three government primary schools in the area Amani, Mikindani and Kwashee, several private owned schools like the St.Kevin Hill Schools, Golden Key School, one secondary school i.e., Kajembe High School and two technical training centers: Islamic Teachers Training College and the Mikindani Youth Polytechnic.

Being a cosmopolitan estate, there lives people of different language backgrounds presently but the majority being the Swahili. This has seen growth in religion amongst the many faithfuls who dwell in the estate. there are utmost six mosques, one catholic church St. Mathias Mulumba Catholic Church, St Luke's Anglican church, the Jehovah's witnesses Hall, PCEA Mikindani Church and several more Pentecostal churches. Boasting of a vast population due to sub-urban growth, the estate has also center location for Hope World Wide Kenya[1] and several children's home like the Baobab Family Children's Home[2] and Grandsons of Abraham Rescue Centre.[3]


The estate also houses different health centers e.g. the municipal clinic, Latullah medical center, Joy medical center, Catholic Church Dispensary[4] which offers VCT services and also administrative offices like the chiefs office, the surveyors department and the CDF office.


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