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Mikko's Phylogeny Archive is an amateur paleontology website maintained by Mikko Haaramo, a student at the University of Helsinki's Department of Geology, Division of Geology and Palaeontology.[1]

The project is aimed at collecting phylogenetic trees of all organisms. Each page presents a cladogram that is hyperlinked to its parent and daughter cladograms, plus a section for references. Taxa of uncertain relationship are indicated by a question mark. No indication is given for what part of the cladogram is based on which specific references.

The site was originally simply named "Life as We Know It", and with the Dinosauricon it was the first web-site to use an ascii text-based format for showing cladograms.

Although the Archive has been hosted by the Finnish Museum of the Natural History and now the University of Helsinki's servers, the museum has no formal affiliation with it. Haaramo points out that the site is a private project, is not peer-reviewed, and should not be used as a scientific reference. Together with Palaeos and the Paleobiology Database it provides a near comprehensive listing of many groups, genera and species of extinct organisms, along with recent taxa.


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