Mikko Juva

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The Most Reverend
Mikko Juva
Archbishop of Turku and Finland
Dr. Juva at the Finnish parliament, 1964.
Church Church of Finland
Archdiocese Turku
Province Western Finland
Installed 1978
Predecessor Martti Simojoki
Successor John Vikström
Personal details
Born (1918-11-22)November 22, 1918
Kaarlela, Finland
Died January 1, 2004(2004-01-01) (aged 85)
Turku, Finland
Nationality Finnish
Denomination Lutheran
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Mikko Einar Juva (22 November 1918, Kokkola – 1 January 2004, Turku) was a Finnish historian, theologian and archbishop. He was professor in Nordic history 1957–1962 at the University of Turku and professor in Finnish and Scandinavian history and church history at Helsinki University 1962–1978. He was also a member of the Finnish parliament 1964–66 and the chairman of Liberal People's Party 1965–1968.

In his youth Mikko Juva took part in the Christian student movement and was student minister 1948–1950. He was archbishop of Finland 1978–1982. The most important assignment is his presidency in the Lutheran World Federation 1970–1977. He also published writings in historical and church historical subjects.

He was the son of Einar W. Juva.


  • Suomen sivistyneistö uskonnollisen vapaamielisyyden murroksessa 1848-1869 (1950)
  • Valtiokirkosta kansankirkoksi (1960)
  • Suomen kansan historia (5 parts, 1964–67, with Einar W. Juva)
Preceded by
Martti Simojoki
Archbishop of Turku
Succeeded by
John Vikström