Mikołaj Oleśnicki the younger

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Crypt in the Oleśnicki chapel

Mikołaj Oleśnicki the younger (30 April 1558 - 13 December 1629) was a Polish nobleman and latterly voivode of Lublin. He was son of Jan Oleśnicki, lord of Chmielnik in the voivodie of Sandomir[1] His uncle was Lord Mikołaj Oleśnicki the elder (d. 1556) a Polish Calvinist nobleman who established the first Protestant academy in Poland at Pińczów in 1550, and his aunt Zofia Oleśnicka (d. c.1567) was the first notable Polish woman poet.

Raised a Calvinist, he converted in 1598 to Roman Catholicism, and became an important figure at court.


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