Mikoyan LMFS

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Mikoyan LMFS
Mig 1-44-2.png
Role Stealth light multirole fighter
Manufacturer Mikoyan
Status Under development
Primary user Russian Air Force
Developed from Mikoyan Project 1.44

The Mikoyan LMFS (Russian: Микоян ЛМФС) Liogkiy Mnogofunktsionalniy Frontovoi Samolyet (LMFS)—or Light Multi-Function Frontal Aircraft,[1] is a proposed light Russian single-seat all-weather stealth multirole combat aircraft, loosely based on the cancelled Mikoyan Project 1.44. It is designed to replace the Mikoyan MiG-29 and MiG-35.[2]


After the Cold War, Russia started to develop a multirole combat aircraft as replacement for MiG-29, in light of the US Joint Strike Fighter program.


Developed by the United Aircraft Corporation (OAK), this light fighter is believed to incorporate an engine based on the RD-33 engine, manufactured at the Klimov factory. The engine is supposed to be fifth generation, utilizing the latest advancements in turbine and combustion chamber technology, and receiving only minor changes to the fan blades.[3] Aircraft will have canard wings, internal weapons bays and an empty weight of roughly 33,000lbs and a maximum takeoff weight of 55,000lbs.[1][4] It is possible that Mikoyan may revise the design into a single-engine configuration if the PAK-FA’s next-generation izdeliye 30 engines reach a suitable level of maturity in time.[5]


United Aircraft Corporation is developing the MiG LMFS out of its own funds[6], the Russian MoD preferring to wait for the Su-57 to enter serial production before starting to finance the construction of another smaller stealth fighter.[7]. UAC hopes that the export sales of MiG-35 will be enough to help sustain the development of a new aircraft. It is reported that, with the US decision not to export F-35 stealth fighters to Turkey anymore, Turkish authorities may decide to acquire instead the Russian Su-57 with Russia sharing some of its technology to Turkey, while Turkey would in exchange share some of its TAI TF-X stealth light fighter technology to MiG, which would be use to help advance the development of the LMFS.[8]

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