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Déri Miksa.jpg
Prototypes of the world's first high-efficiency transformers. (Széchenyi István Memorial Exhibition Nagycenk)
Dynamo Electric Machine [End View, Partly Section] (U.S. Patent 284,110)
Magnetizing Current Shunt Circuit (U.S. Patent 284,110)

Miksa Déri (1854 November, Bács, Kingdom of Hungary, (now: Bač, Serbia) - 1938) was a Hungarian electrical engineer. He was, with his partners Károly Zipernowsky and Ottó Bláthy, co-inventor of the closed iron core transformer and the ZBD model AC electrical generator.

ZBD was an abbreviation of the three men's names: Zipernowsky, Bláthy and Déri.

Déri is also noted for inventing a type of repulsion motor.


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