Mikulin AM-38

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Mikulin AM-38F.jpg
Preserved Mikulin AM-38F engine
Type Liquid-cooled V-12 piston engine
Manufacturer Mikulin
First run 1941
Major applications Ilyushin Il-2
Number built 36,163
Developed from Mikulin AM-35
Developed into Mikulin AM-42

The Mikulin AM-38 was a 1940s Soviet aircraft piston engine. It was a further development of the Mikulin AM-35 design.[1] The AM-38 was used on the Il-2 Shturmovik and Il-10 ground attack aircraft. The engine may also have been installed in MiG-3 aircraft, as a field modification, to improve the speed and performance


Low-altitude version with greater takeoff power and a 10-minute forsazh (war emergency power) mode.


Specifications (AM-38F)[edit]

Data from Kotelnikov.[2]

General characteristics

  • Type: 12-cylinder 60° Vee aircraft piston engine
  • Bore: 160 mm (6.30 in)
  • Stroke: 190 mm (7.48 in) (196.7 mm (7.74 in) for cylinders with articulated connecting rods)
  • Displacement: 46.66 L (2,847 cu in)
  • Dry weight: 880 kg (1,940 lb)


  • Supercharger: Single speed centrifugal
  • Cooling system: Liquid-cooled


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