Mil Mi-30

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Role Convertiplane (hybrid aircraft / helicopter)
National origin USSR
Manufacturer Mil

The Mil Mi-30 is a tiltrotor transport aircraft project started in 1972 (also known as Vintoplan). It was built to replace the Mi-8/Mi-17 helicopters and carry 19 passengers or 2 metric tons of cargo. It was expected to use a twin TV3-117 turboshaft engine and a four-bladed propeller rotor on each wing. In 1991, EDO projected three versions of the aircraft: Mi-30S, Mi-30D, and Mi-30L. The only flyable version ever built was a small-scale RC version for testing its flight capabilities.

An unmanned tiltrotor project was demonstrated in Russia in 2015, and the first flight was made in early 2016.[1][2]