Milan (given name)

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Gender Male
Language(s) Slavic, Latin, Persian
Name day

May 19 (Hungary)
June 18 (Czech Republic)
November 13 (Croatia)

November 27 (Slovakia)
Meaning Mil- (gracious)
Region of origin Eastern Europe, Ancient Rome
Other names
Related names Milena
See also Miloš
Popularity see popular names

Milan (Cyrillic: Милан) is a common Slavic male name and, less commonly, an Roman name. It is derived from the Slavic element mil, with meanings kind, loving, and gracious. Milan was originally a diminutive or nickname for those whose Slavic names began with "Mil-". It is used predominantly by Czechs, Slovaks[1] and Serbs but also frequently in Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Romania and Hungary.[2] It was in the top 5 names for boys born in Serbia in 2012. It was in the top 20 names for boys born in Slovakia in 2004. It was the eighth most popular name for boys born in the Netherlands in 2007, and seventh in Flanders in 2009.[3][4]

Eastern European origin and use

It originates from the Old Slavic word mil, variant: mio, i.e. "beloved", "pleasant", "dear" which is common at the beginning of many Slavic names. This is the same root in Serbian names like Miloslav, Milomir, Milica, Milka, Miloš, Milutin, Miodrag, Miomir etc. most of which were first recorded in Serbian sources already in the pre-Nemanjić Age.

The name in Latin and Italian is unisex and is named after the city of Milan.[citation needed] As an Italian male population indicates it as a name of the north.[verification needed] Milan may be a nickname name Emiliano. There is also an explanation and that this name originally derived from the Latin name capt that was used in ancient Rome.[citation needed]

According to the Czech calendar Milan's Day is on 18 June, Slovenian calendar: 11 September, 11 October, 12 November, Croatian calendar: 13 November, Slovakian calendar: 27 November, Hungary: 19 May

Roman name

Milan is also a name used in Romance-speaking Europe owing to its Ancient Roman meaning of "eager and laborious".[5]

Other Versions of the name

Men's version of the name: Milanek (diminutive), Miladin, Milad, Milanko, Milče, Milček, Milči, Milčo, Mile, Milen, Milenko, Miletus, Mili, Milivoj, Milibor, Milidrag, Miligoj, Milija, Milijan, Milinko, Milisav, Milivoj, Milivoje, Milk, Milivojko, Miljan, Miljenko, Miljutin, Milko, Milodrag, Milogoj, Miloje, Milojko, Miloljub, Milomir, Milorad, Miloslav, Miloš, Milovan, Milun, Milutin, Mišo
Female version of a name: Milana, Milanka, Milena, Milica, Milijana, Miljanka, Milinka, Milislava, Milivoje, Milivojka, Mila, Miljana, Miljanka, Milka, Milojka, Milodraga, Milomirka, Milorad, Milosav, Milosavka, Miloslavka, Miloška, Milovana, Milovanka, Milunka

Family names derived from names

From the name of Milan and its variants created a number of names. The most famous are: Milada, Milanović, Milanovac, Milanković, Milanić, Milač, senior Milavec, Miletić, Milic, Mlkovič, Grace, Milosevic, Milošič and others.

Notable bearers

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