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Milan Damnjanović (1924–1994) (Serbian Cyrillic Милан Дамњановић) was a Serbian philosopher, full professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Belgrade University.

Milan Damnjanović was the founder and the president of the Aesthetic Society of Serbia (1980-1994), vice president of the International Aesthetics Society, a member of the International Committee of Greek Humanistic Society for Philosophy in Athens, a member of the presiding committee of the International Society for Dialectic Philosophy (Societas Hegeliana), a member of the American Aesthetics Society.


  • Aesthetics and Disappointment (1970)
  • An outline of a Philosophy of Poetry (1971);
  • The Essence and the History (1976);
  • 'La Sens de la Morale Esthétique', Revue d'esthétique 3 (1980). In French.
  • Creating and Understanding Technological Art, Proceedings of the IXth International Congress of Aesthetics, (editor) (1983)
  • Rationality Against Rationalism (1984)
  • Tendencies in modern aesthetics (1984)
  • Phenomenon Film (1985)
  • Dealing With Multiplicity (1990)

Further reading[edit]

At the Aesthetics Department of Philosophy Faculty in M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Jevgenija Viktorovha Aljehina defended the doctoral thesis Aesthetics Views of Milan Damjanović in 1983 — while the University of Arts in Beograd and Aesthetics Society of Serbia dedicated the book Towards Philosophy of Arts to a philosopher and an aesthetist of a worldwide reputation Milan Damjanović. This Memorial, prepared by Branislava Milijić and published in 1996, consists of articles from 15 foreign authors and 27 authors from Yugoslavia.

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