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Milan Entertainment
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Milan Entertainment is an independently owned record company releasing soundtracks for film and television, electronic music, a diverse roster of acclaimed artists, and best selling compilation albums offering samples of tangos, film and Latin music.

Today it also operates in rock, spiritual, jazz, tango and world music. Aside from its major label, Milan Records, it operates Chicooligan and Jade Music.

It is divided in two parts, Milan U.S. (for the United States) and Milan Europe (for the rest of the world).


In the 1980s, Milan branched off to include Editions Milan Music and Editions Jade. Milan US was established first in NYC in the late 1980s. It later relocated to LA and is situated now in Sherman Oaks. Editions Milan Music became the Milan Records that of today, at the forefront of music and film with soundtrack releases like Pan's Labyrinth, The Queen, and Flags of Our Fathers, along with new artists releases, especially in the electronic genre, like Emilie Simon and 4hero. Editions Jade became Jade Music, and a third sub-label known as Chicooligan is the brand name on which all Milan vinyl is released.[citation needed]

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  • Milan Records - Official Website of Milan US
  • Milan Music - Official Website of Milan Europe (still under construction)