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Esposizione Internazionale del Sempione
Leopoldo Metlicovitz 's Expo's poster with railwaymen watching Milan from the Simplon Tunnel's portal
BIE-classUniversal exposition
CategoryHistorical Expo
NameEsposizione Internazionale del Sempione
Building(s)Simplon Tunnel
Area100 Ha
Visitors7,500,000 – 10,000,000
VenueParco Sempione
Coordinates45°28′22.4″N 9°10′28″E / 45.472889°N 9.17444°E / 45.472889; 9.17444
Opening28 April 1906 (1906-04-28)
Closure11 November 1906 (1906-11-11)
Universal expositions
PreviousLiège International (1905) in Liège
NextBrussels International 1910 in Brussels
OtherInternational Exhibition (1906)

The Milan International was a world's fair held in Milan in 1906[1] titled L'Esposizione Internazionale del Sempione, or sometimes The Great Expo of Work.[2] It received 4,012,776 visits and covered 250 acres.[3]


Art Nouveau Silver Medallion by Giannino Castiglioni to the Milan International (1906). The South Portal of the Simplon Tunnel is on the obverse.

The fair opened on 28 April 1906, ran until 31 October[3] and marked the opening of the Simplon Tunnel. The fair was held in Sempione Park and Piazza d'Armi',[2] with the first location hosting fine arts displays and the latter industrial and engineering exhibits, along with the foreign pavilions.[1] Countries contributing included many from Western Europe,[4] China, Japan, Turkey, United States, Canada and several South American countries shared a pavilion.[4] The venues of the exposition were connected by the temporary Milan Exposition Elevated Railway.


The International Commission on Occupational Health was founded at the Milan International and is still active; and the Milan aquarium was built, and is still standing.

Aquarium Brunetti built for the Milan International and designed by Sebastiano Giuseppe Locati


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